[SOLVED] Pulse Success Popup - How to make it stop?


In previous versions I was able to turn off the “pulse success” popup in the corner of the screen whenever a pulse to the server takes place.

However in this version the option appears to be missing.

Is there a way to get this option added again or let me know a way to stop this pop-up?

I’ve attached an image showing what I mean incase it is not clear.

You can suppress it in Windows, if necessary.

I can’t see how I would do this without unchecking “Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar”. I also can’t “Show icon, but not notifications”. It doesn’t make any sense for WhatPulse to tell me I’ve just pressed a button.

A 2013 thread in this forum asked for the same feature. I think it’s about time.

You can suppress notifications from the WhatPulse icon by using the system tray settings and use the “Show icon, but not notifications” option.

If you’re talking about the blinking icon whenever you press a key/button (as you mentioned), there’s the setting called ‘Blink trayicon on input activity’ which has been in the client forever and disables that.