[SOLVED] Error in team WebAPI

For example, for this team http://whatpulse.org/stats/teams/21856/ it appears to be in 13th place in the uptime ranking.

But looking thought the API (http://api.whatpulse.org/team.php?team=21856) shows 11th place:

<Ranks> <Keys>110</Keys> <Clicks>72</Clicks> <Download>11</Download> <Upload>59</Upload> <Uptime>11</Uptime><!-- error here, should be 13 according to team's page statistics --> </Ranks>

The same for other teams occurs. Please, fix it. Thanks!!

The WebAPI output is cached for 1 hour and then renews (as can be read here: http://whatpulse.org/pages/webapi/) - so there can be a small mismatch with the stats on the web api and the web page.

Yes, I know that. But the error still appears, it has been several days since I wrote this and uptime ranking is not correct. I have been following this team stats (via web and via the WebAPI) and it has been more than a week at position 13, however WebAPI always have showed 11.

The same error occurs for all teams.

Thanks in advance.

Not so sure what you’re looking at, but can it be a browser cache or something?

Here’s what I see: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s258/sh/1076e198-181f-433c-9059-746eb49b6ef9/bb51f629eb37ba36915e300e01bbe99d/deep/0/WhatPulse%20and%20api.whatpulse.org/team.php?team=21856.png

Where the ranks are identical on the API output and the website profile…

OK, now I get correct statistics. I had tested on different browsers and different computers (at home and at work), and in all of them I was getting the error. And, as I said, that error was appearing to me for all teams, not only in the one of the example.

Thank you so much!!!