So, I thought it was odd.

I was looking through my applications and noticed that I am the only person on Whatpulse to use a certain program, ‘VideoViewer MFC’ - a camera program at work.

A little while later I was digging through a drawer and I found the installation floppy.

Ha, that explains things. Some of the backup floppies (floppys?) for ‘export data’ are from 1998.

So does Whatpulse just add any program anyone uses to the database? Like if I made a hello-world program called ‘big_floppy_donkey_dicks.exe’, ran it, smashed my face into my keyboard a few times, and pulsed… would that now be in the Whatpulse database of programs?

Also, what are some programs that you’ve used and found out you are the only user of?

Yes. WhatPulse doesn’t currently have enough manpower/resources for any type of quality control over the applications list.

I’ve only found a couple of applications that I’m the only user of.

atomic-clock-sync.exe - A program that syncs your computer’s clock
cnnalerter - Breaking news updates from CNN.

All of the other obscure software that I use had at least a couple other users.

How do I check that anus.exe worked?

That is a shame, but despite being all about typing this community seems pretty slow. Especially since it appears the program is actively used by a large number of people.

It would be nice to get the obvious same programs with slightly different names merged too. I suppose it isn’t as simple as rounding up some fans to volunteer? Probably have to give them sensitive access I imagine.

This is just some of the applications where I’m the only person displayed. I excluded applications internal to my work and ones I’ve made myself. I install and run all kinds of random crap at work to wrangle with things.

ArcGIS ExplorerConfiguration Manager
ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for WPF
ArcGIS WPF Samples
Database Engine Tuning Advisor
Deployment Tool
License Viewer
MapWindow GIS
Shows all open TCP/IP and UDP ports [actually ActivePorts]
Task Manager Extension: Загрузчик Dll для внедрения
telecom connection manager.exe
Trend Micro CommonUninstallation Service

There isn’t much to recommend there. ActivePorts was nuked by a virus checker at some point, so I use CurrPorts instead. MemoPal is a fairly good cloud backup service. Prism Saga is a Game Jam game a friend made, check it out if you like.

One of the oldest programs I have is a MIDI editor called Session. It looks like nobody’s used that lately, not even me.

Part of the reason why there’s a struggle to maintain the list is because of the short list of admins. On top of that, Martijn is the only admin that can control the application list at the moment I know of. He has other things to do with his time that prevent him from dealing with that issue. It’s something that is being worked on.


Actually not even I can use that one any more. Win7 doesn’t have compatibility settings for 16-bit programs. There is a 32-bit version, but the setup exe itself is still 16-bit so I can’t install it. Anyway, apparently the 32-bit version is even more glitchy than the original, so it’s not worth pursuing. Rest in peace, Midisoft Recording Session!