Silent crashes PfRingNetworkTrafficMonitor

I’m experiencing silent crashes on a Lubuntu 15.10 machine. Whatpulse version is 2.6.3. Everything runs fine, WhatPulse tracks everything correctly, but sometimes, when I look after WhatPulse, it’s just not running anymore. There’s no error statement in the app.log, only A LOT of PfRingRingNetworkTrafficMonitor start/stops. I’m attaching a recent app.log file, after which WhatPulse was not running anymore. Any Ideas? It seems to happen most times after an input device read error.


Is anything happening on your computer during that time? Like a network change (cable out, nic out) or sleep modus or something similar?

No, nothing. It’s happening at random times during usage, there’s no scheme recognizable.