Settings not saved

I downloaded the 64-bit Linux version of the WhatPulse client, extracted the whole thing to ~/.whatpulse, gave the permissions script and the whatpulse executable execution permissions, and set up the permissions using the script as usual.
Next I launched the whatpulse executable, and was greeted with this window;

All seems fine so far. I login and select the right system from the list.

I do a pulse to check whether that works, and it does;

Now the problem is, when I quit WhatPulse and start it again, it’s lost all of its settings.
Every time I launch WhatPulse, I’m greeted with the same window again;

Where is it supposed to save its settings? I can’t see any kind of file in ~/.whatpulse, so where do I need to check?

Ubuntu 13.04 Daily Build
Linux 3.8.0-6 x68_64

It saves every couple minutes. Just let it run 10mins and then restart it. If it doesn’t run, check:

Apparently, you’re right :blush:
Kinda stupid, though, that it wouldn’t save after the initial setup

It just hepend to me as well - exactly the same as on screens in first post. But the problem is, that i lost all of my input statistics after I logged in. I had to use password reminder to log in, but i think that it doesnt matter in this case.
Is there any way to get my statistics back? Why does that happen? Input statistics are the only thing why im using whatpulse. Is they just reset “like that”, than this project doesnt have any sense for me. Can anybody help?

PS. I have Win 7 x64, and whatpulse sometimes does crash. But I never lose stats because of that.