Session IP Security failed.

Sometimes I get this error message on the website: [ERROR]: Session IP Security failed. Logged attempt from <*my IP address*>.

It usually happens right around the time that my Mac client appears to pulse, but doesn’t, and I lose all my keys/clicks and have to sign in again.

I already asked in the Mac client section but didn’t get a solution, so I figured I’d ask here too since it seems to have something to do with the website as well. Any ideas? Thanks.

A quote from RS_Jelle from this thread,, hope that helps a little?

Yeah, I guess that helps a little. Thanks. I’m using my university’s internet and it’s a little… unpredictable. The error often happens when it’s the first time I’ve been to the website that day though, although I did try to pulse before going to the website. Not sure if that would affect anything.

Is it possible to get that error when I am not logged in to the site? Should I try blocking cookies from as well? I’ll just try staying logged out of the site for now and see if my pulsing problem persists.

Don’t know about you’re pulsing problem; when you say connected to the university internet, do you mean on campus? (I have the same problem with the website when I try to log onto Whatpulse website from a public network such as the university).