I noticed that Whatpulse isn’t retina ready on my Mac, how about optimizing the images for HiDPI screens? (Or at least the black menubar icon)

I’m on a retina macbook and the icons display fine.

Strange, on my rMBP mid 2014 with Mavericks the black W looks very fuzzy in retina mode, icons inside the app aswel.

Could you tell us what resolution you’re using?

the 1280*800x2 resolution. It’s named “best for retina” in system preferences.

I also have a Retina Display MacBook Pro. I run it at 1440x900@2x (2880x1800) for OS X Mavericks, Windows 8 Pro, and Ubuntu 14.04.1. For the remainder of my reply, I will be referencing OS X when I talk about using WhatPulse as it is my primary OS.

The icon has never been clear. I’ve poked around with the application a bit, and I can’t seem to find an asset for the menubar icon (The only thing I really care about being Retina/HiDPI). For version 1.x of WhatPulse, I was able to swap the menubar PNG for a higher resolution that I made (using the same filename with an “@2x” after the name before the extension), but version 2 of WhatPulse came out shortly after and I haven’t found a solution yet.

From what I can tell, version 2 uses a “W” image for the base, and either draws a solid circle on the side or uses a circle image for the keystroke/click activity. All three of these would need to be updated to have Retina support for the menubar.

With rumors of a Retina Display iMac coming out soon, and Retina Display MacBook Pros being out for over two years now, I thinks it’s critical to update the app to support Retina/HiDPI displays. Many many Windows laptops/ultrabooks also have HiDPI displays, and putting off support for it dramatically decreases the overall value of the application.

Attached is a screenshot of how the menubar icon looks. It has, for a while, been the only app on my menubar to not support Retina Displays.

Edit: Further poking around has led me to see that the UI is indeed supporting Retina Displays on the Mac client. The images inside of the app however, do not. I attached a screenshot of the keyboard icon, which is a good example of how bad a non HiDPI image looks. As long as higher resolution images can be supplied, I don’t think it’s too hard to add support for them. Client 2.4.1 seems to be built with QT 5.3 with has support for Retina images (since 5.1).

Perfect explanation, couldn’t say it any better. It’s very annoying to look at a fuzzy icon.

thats retro… 8bit is coming again^^