Restarting laptop gives "Account/Computer unknown"


I’m using WhatPulse 2.4.1 on Windows 8.1 64-bit. Pulsing works fine if I log on to WhatPulse when the computer is started. If I restart the computer and then try to pulse however (WhatPulse is set to start with Windows), I will get the “Account or computer unknown! Did you register?” message.

I did google around before posting this and the only threads I could find with this issue seem to be because of Facebook, but I’m not using Facebook and I never have. I have always signed in using my e-mail and password.

This is quite annoying as I’ve already lost 16,000 keys, and even more so because it works perfectly on my desktop computer, the major difference I guess is it uses Windows 7.

I’m guessing you’re talking about the computer starting with ‘Andreas-Ba…’ - This is most likely because of the weird character in the name. Rename that to something universal and it’ll work.

How did you get it named that way? The system should have rejected it…

I just entered the name and that was it (actually, it was even already entered for me when I tried to sign in as that’s what Windows knows my laptop as), didn’t think any more of it at the time. However, I did realize that that might have something to do with it even though I felt like WhatPulse should support foreign characters.

Either way I signed out and created a third computer just called “laptop” so no ä-, but the exact same problem persisted on that one too.

I don’t see any weird activity…you login, pulse and then login again with another computer:

[2014-10-17 12:37:44] [] [ACCOUNTINFO ] - ‘Andreaz1’ and computer ‘Andreas-laptop’
[2014-10-17 12:37:57] [] [PULSE ] - Pulse from Andreaz1…
[2014-10-17 12:38:20] [] [ACCOUNTINFO ] - ‘Andreaz1’ and computer ‘Andreas-bärbar’

Got any antivirus/firewall/ad blocker/proxy that screens your web traffic which would get in the way?

I’m using the same antivirus and Firefox with just about the same extensions on both computers, bar a few themes that might differ. What confuses me is why it only happens after restarting the laptop. Running it as an Admin makes no difference either.