Rename Applications

Here is my proposal.
I would be happy but if you can at least rename the Applicationen.

You want to be able to pulse per application? Why? :slight_smile:

to create a global statistics for programs and games
and to save the data :slight_smile:

To do… what, what? Why, what? xD

^ That word, “applicationen”, is 100% made up!..:slight_smile:

&& btw., newest WhatPulse is version: 2.1.1

“Applicationen” is German for -hey!- applications… :wink:

Judging by WholeGrainSausage’s name, I guess it was a slip of the mental tongue…

I kinda like his idea, too. Statistics, béhbéh! Statistics!

Tnx, I suppose I should’ve made more sense with my post as well. Basically I hate seeing WhatPulse grow in size (and features), for anything other than security, anti-cheating, or code improvement (in which case it could actually shrink).

I guess more people could/would be attracted to the program, but the fact that it was basic and awesome is what got me using it back in the day… Anyway.