Referral Premium Credit Inconsistencies

First off, the portion of the website explaining credits for referrals isn’t consistent with itself:

The top portion indicateds you get 1 month for the 5th referral, exactly as it says, while the bottom indicates you get 1 month after the 5th referral, starting with the 6th.

Secondly, neither of these two behaviors actually occur. Today I referred two users (my fourth and fifth referrals) and recieved 2 emails. The first indicated indicating that I was recieving 2 weeks of premium for the fourth referral and the second indicated that I was recieving 1 month of premium for the fifth. In reality I recieved 21 days of premium, which is just wrong no matter how you slice it.

Bump. This is a real shame as I want to buy premium, but if nobody is going to address such basic issues as these I can’t say I’m comfortable putting money into WhatPulse.

The top and bottom portions of the text aren’t inconsistent, you get 2 weeks for every referral except the mentioned ones, so for the 5th one you get 1 month instead of 2 weeks.
So if you refer 6 people, you get 2w,2w,2w,2w,1m,2w respectively, so 5x 2 weeks and 1x 1 month. There’s nothing inconsistent in the text or the emails.

The only problem here is that you didn’t receive the amount of time specified.

Robby is right, is system does -exactly- what it says. So for the numbers mentioned you get the mentioned time, for all the rest you get 2 weeks. Sorry for not responding earlier, but your post got buried.

This has a very simple explanation; the calculation that does this, used your previously active (and ended) premium membership to add the time to. So your earlier membership expired 3 weeks before these referrals were made.

I’ve just fixed this in the website and added the missing time to your account.

Oh okay, I understand what the page is saying now, sorry I misunderstood and thanks for the fix.