Recording network data but not as unpulsed

Hi all,

My client does count the registered data it is receiving. See the following pictures:

How can it register it in the network tab but not as unpulsed stats? The total down/up is from other clients.

Please note: This is a portable usb-client.

Most likely because you’re missing NPcap. See this article: My network traffic is not counting - WhatPulse

How can I set this up with a USB device?

You have to install NPcap on the computer where it’s plugged in. If that’s not an option, it’s not possible to record network stats, the client relies on it.

So it is impossible to install it on the USB device? As a portable solution?

No. NPcap runs on Windows itself. Think of NPcap as a mediator between Windows and the WhatPulse client. Without it, the client doesn’t have details about the network traffic and can’t count it towards the unpulsed and app traffic.

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