I’ve been away quite a while, my computer was down and out and now it’s alive again. I’ve been using and being involved in whatpulse since it’s beginning and I was one of the original users from project dolphin (its predecessor). after project dolphin stopped being a thing, some wonderful people took it upon themselves to take the code for project dolphin and made it into whatpulse; greatly improved in all aspects plus the added types of information gathered made it even better. I’m starting to feel like this beautiful and fun program isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, many people don’t knows this exists and the different types of platforms it isnt available for would present for some fun new ventures and and directions collecting all sorts of new stats. could collect stats from people who text on their phones; create new category for texting and by which phone brand. we could get some for controllers that count button presses and gives you that category too; could even go as far as to detect the genre of games being played and getting that as well. I feel the potential of this app and i know we can make it soar high. Since i am now returning to world of computers i’m gonna try and make it my personal mission to get more people to join and grow this community. keep your heads high my friends our world is just beginning.