Reading and viewing images

I think this should somehow be implemented. It would be really cool.
This is mainly for browsers I guess… so there could be a plugin or something.
whaddya think?

I was just thinking, since this application counts writing maybe it should count reading also.
afaik there is more problems with reading than writing tho.

Not sure I understand, but hey… lets just add features for the hell of it xD

exacly my point! :sunglasses:

The thing is that I read more than i write… very much so… and i think that is also something that should be counted. I browse wikipedia quite much, forums digg etc it would be awesome if the app registered the amount of text i browsed through… :slight_smile:

So basically it would just count all the text on the screen then, as that would be the only way to count how much the user has “read”. It works in theory, but you can’t really measure how much a user has read so I’m not sure entirely how it would work.

Of course, I’m not the brightest person in the world xD

Also, it’s too easy to cheat on this stat. Just have your browser request a page every second, then watch your stats rise!

This would raise a lot of privacy issues. I’m not a fan of this idea. :\