Randomly Lost Statistics


It says I have 2 million key count. And yet, it seems any data from a few weeks ago are flat out gone (you know, the one tab which shows how many times a particular key has been depressed)! Very dissapointed, that’s really what I use this program for. Any ideas on why this occured? My pulsed statistics are still fine, but the local ones are nuked. No error message.

Very problematic. Is it possible to save a seperate backup of statistics or have them uploaded? (I know that’s an extra burden on your servers, but at the same time, losing most of my data kind of defeats the purpose of the program in the first place.)

I found out why it does this. I got randomly logged off from my account on Whatpulse upon a crash one time, and that automatically resets all statistics. Is it possible to stop that? I mean, I can deal with Whatpulse crashing every 5 minutes or less as it used to. But to lose all of my statistics is quite another thing. I wrote an entire book since the last time Whatpulse crashed this way, and everything is gone.

Is there a way to use Whatpulse backups? I guess not, because I discovered this problem too late and have already typed another 50,000 key depressions since the event…

Sorry to be another angry and deranged ranter, but I’m pretty sad right now… :-/