Pulsing without the system tray?

Okay, so I installed whatpulse on the computer at my school that I almost exclusively use, but after I installed it it started right up as usual and went into the system tray, like it is supposed to.

Here’s the problem: my school has some stupid administrative Windows XP mod that makes there be no system tray, so I can’t access the WhatPulse icon to pulse.

I know that I can configure it to a keyboard shortcut but first I need to open the program window, which can only be done through the system tray! :mad:

I tried to open up the program from the shortcut on the desktop, but it just gave me a dialog to the tune of “you already have the program open”. Also, I can’t use the task manager to force the program closed and then open it up again (which I hope will show me the program window).

Is there any way I can access the program window without using the system tray? or am I doomed to not be able to pulse from that computer?

It won’t open the settings dialog when you start it and the only way you can do it is via the registry. I’m guessing since you can’t access the system tray nor task manager you won’t be able to access the registry so you’re kind-of stuck until 1.6.5.

Are you thinking of doing any work on the tray icon’s behaviour?

I’ve had the minor disappearing issue with the latest WP version once or twice. Explorer crashes and the tray icon doesn’t reappear (note killing/restarting explorer.exe manually doesn’t cause the same problem). I remember WP used to have an option for the tray icon to refresh every 5 minutes, which was really silly/distracting. If WP could somehow regularly check whether it’s hooked into the system tray, and amend the situation if it’s not, that would probably be the way to go.

A lot of programs do seem to have that problem and I know what you mean, it’s really quite annoying. Add it to Redmine and I’ll see if I can get it in 1.7. :slight_smile:

Bit of an off-topic question but why is the windows build constantly getting improvement while the linux/mac versions don’t seem to be getting the same attention.

The Mac and Linux clients have more recent releases than the Windows one… Plus wasted’s been busy irl and with the website (if you haven’t noticed all the new things, least of which being dynamic images, wiki, redmine, twitter, new graphs and stuff in /my/… all sorts!).

So yeah. Windows client, while I am working on it, will be a Christmas present as Wasted said, which will put it even more behind Linux and Mac.

Basically it’s Wasted vs. 6 of the 7 continents, the 7th being the Windows client which I’ve finally conquered after 5 years of battle!