Pulse Profiles on the same computer

I have recently installed Ubuntu on my pc, while keeping in the same time windows. I was wondering if i have to create different pulse profiles for any os i could possibly install on my computer.

Didn’t find anything on this, sorry if i missed it!
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

I would believe that you do. Well… here’s my take on it, anyways:

When you have multiple instances of whatpulse, they’re each going to have their own token that goes along with it. If you’re running multiple copies of WhatPulse that are collecting stats independent of each other and you try to pulse them, you’ll end up getting loads of ‘invalid token’ error messages when you try to pulse.

Now, let’s say you’re running WhatPulse through wine, but you’re using the instance on your Windows partition (meaning that you’ve got WhatPulse installed on your computer only once, but your linux operating systems can access that) - I THINK you should be able to get away with only one pulse profile there. But the challenge is that you’ll be running it in WINE, and it will only pick up keystrokes from other programs running in WINE.

The more likely scenario is that the Linux client will be released and you’ll use that in Ubuntu. There, you will need two pulse profiles.

Does any of that make sense, or am I too confusing?

understood. So, until the coming of the linux client, wine_whatpulse will be practically useless; but when it’ll be i’ll have to create another pulse profile, even if using it on the same pc of the win client.