PSA to all the people that cant start whatpulse [GeoIP]

There are a few recent threads with people having whatpulse crashing and unable to start.
I had that problem too, the logs indicated that GeoIP.dat could not be openened. I looked it was a 0 byte file.

Download GeoIP.dat
(i used this website: Free updated GeoIP legacy databases )

Put the new GeoIP.dat into this folder replacing the old one C:\Users***\AppData\Local\whatpulse
Whatpulse is running fine again


Thanks. This has resolved the issue for me.

Thank you so much this worked for me!

Yeap, this was issue for me too.
It just stoped working all of a sudden.
I would think this is a major problem.

This just saved me so much headache, I was already running it and it gave me a very strange error about trying to boot 4 times in 1 minute, then never booted again. Did basic troubleshooting to no avail, glad there was an answer here! Thank you.

Finally someone found a workaround. Windows 10 2004 Enterprise stopped launching it. Why Whatpulse themself did not patch it themself?

You can also remove the file, which will make the client download it again. There’s additional measures in the 4.0 beta to prevent the crash from happening: Login | WhatPulse

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The client should probably notify you if there’s a problem rather than just crashing (?) silently, I only found out it’s been broken for weeks because I got an automated “you’ve been gone a while” email.

For anybody having this issue on any other OS the data paths are as follows.

Windows: %localappdata%\whatpulse
Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/WhatPulse
Linux: ~/snap/whatpulse/x1/.local/share


The upcoming version will do just that. We’ve never experienced this one before, it was an unhandled issue if the database ever got corrupt. :frowning:

This doesn’t work for me - The app doesn’t run on my Window 10 or Windows 11 Machines anymore.
Thinking of uninstalling it’s been running pretty well since 2012 when I first started using it.

Instead of downloading from somewhere, just delete the GeoIP.dat file and the client will download it again. That will work.

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Wow this helped. Thank you!

After reading the top I was going to share %localappdata% but then saw your post. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it to save others some clicks and typing!

Also, thank you to the poster for the find!