4.4 Beta: Goodbye to Windows 7 / 8 use

According to the last Steam Hardware & Software Survey, there’s only 3% of us still using Windows 7 or 8.

WP v 4.3.2801 crashes on launch due to no GetDpiForSystem function in user32.dll, presumably because of the change to tracking mouse distance in inches. So I wanted to say goodbye to an excellent era! Anyway, as long as 4.3 still works for me I’ll keep using it.

Why doesn’t this error log to app.log though? I’m curious as I was also doing a reinstall of 4.3 and had similar issues to the other people unable to launch WP: at this point it also crashed with no error message in app.log, so seems like there’s plenty of code that could do with improved exception handling.

Hi there,

We’ve not supported Windows 7 or 8 for a while, ever since they went end of life. See: Supported Operating Systems | WhatPulse Help Center

This is why it’s a beta, though - so we can discover these kinds of issues and add detections in place that’ll skip this and disable the distance measurements.

Having said that, I have no intention of encouraging people using Windows versions that have known security vulnerabilities and highly recommend you upgrade.

Hi, shiet i need windows 7 as long as I have my current laptop, tried win10 on it before but that was just rip. I installed 5.0 and got the error, found an older WhatPulse on the net so became a downgrade to 2.8.4 which to my relief works.