Problems pulsing due to connection

I’m having problems pulsing…everytime I try to pulse it says that it can’t connect to the proxy server. I’m going to give my information in the format that it’s listed in the read before posting thread.
Thank you in advance,

  1. I’m running version

  2. My username is Mr Js Girl

  3. I’m using Windows XP

  4. I am logged into the only account that is on my computer which is the administrator account.

  5. Proxy Error: Can’t connect to proxy server and Error: Could not connect to server

  6. I’m running WhatPulse, Internet Explorer (the latest version) and iTunes.

Do you actually use a proxy?

No, but I can’t connect to any server at all apparently.

So you’ve unchecked ‘Use Proxy’ in settings?

That is correct.

And now it says that my account or computer cannot be found.