Privacy -> Accessibility dialog on OSX

First, it would be nice to display the dialog in system language. It’s hard to find settings or menu entries which are called different in other languages.

Second, a question: wp tells that it should be re-enabled on upgrade, but it is enabled already. Should it be dis- and enabled manually or what means “requires a re-enable”?


Quit WhatPulse, then disable and re-enable the permissions for WhatPulse, then re-launch the program. If that still doesn’t work, disable the permissions for WhatPulse, restart the computer, and then re-enable it. The former method should work, but just in case.

Also, the client opens the System Preferences window with the right tab selected (from 10.9+) for you, so you don’t have to look it up yourself…

OK, will try this. THX

Seen this today, you’re right.