Premium graphs don't update while not premium

Basically, I think the premium graphs don’t poll your stats during periods when you don’t have premium, so when you get premium again the stats spike up as if you just gained all of the stats right there and then.

Also, they show current information but with the wrong date, my total key count as of today shows up on the 1st of June, the one from yesterday on 31st of May, etc.

Here’s what it looks like for me: (when you first select the graph it sometimes doesn’t scale to the webpage) (same graph as above, with scaling) (per month graph, pretty sure I haven’t gotten 40 million keys in january 2014, lol)

The intervals of premium that I’ve had were 21 February - 21 May 2015, currently premium since 26 June 2015, and I’ve had some premium weeks during 2014 due to referrals.

Hope this feedback helps fix whatever’s buggy.

It doesn’t poll your data when you’re not premium, correct; that is by design.

The large jump is something on the todo, but as it rarely happens, it’s a low prio one.

Oh, I see. So it’s made so that you don’t just get premium once to see all your stat histories from the past, take a picture and save it. I thought that it was intended to poll everyone even if not premium, and when you purchase premium it just allows you to see the data.

Though, there’s no need to even poll for this information, as it is already available through the pulse history which is stored anyway.

No, it is only kept for premium members due to the size of the dataset, which is why it’s a premium feature.

And there is certainly a need to poll it, as the pulse history is too large to do this on demand (unless you want to wait 3-5 minutes for the graph), plus the pulse history expires. We tend to do these types of things for a reason and every aspect is thought about. :wink:

In that case, couldn’t pulse history be used to generate and store the graph data only once when you purchase premium, as if it were being polled the entire time? At least for the stats included in pulses, for the Rank graph this can’t be done for instance.
Currently the premium graphs that I have aren’t of much use for me, being so discrepant with reality.
And if the size of the dataset is an issue, the graph data for everything that can be obtained from pulses can be deleted once premium is over, and generated again the next time you get premium.

I don’t understand what you mean by this. As far as I know, every single pulse is stored from the account creation to the present.

That’s not quite true, only the periods where you have no premium is “distorted” - as it’s not collected during that period.

Which is most of it, especially for someone who had just purchased premium. I don’t mind it, I prefer purchasing premium with the intent of supporting the project.
What I mean is that for someone who has never had premium, buys it for the first time, perhaps willing to see these cool features premium has to offer, only to see the graphs broken because data hasn’t been collected yet, it might make them think that the graphs just don’t work.

[quote=“Robby250, post:7, topic:14622”]
it might make them think that the graphs just don’t work.[/quote]

We have never gotten that question, so I don’t think that’s really an issue.