Premium Features


I just found out about this software from Vsauce on YouTube. I thought it would be fun. I’ve played with some different software like this in the past, but this looks pretty complete.

I notice though, that I have a Premium account. I can’t find any mention of what that means, though. I can tell when it’s going to end, but I can’t find what I’m going to “lose” when it goes away.

Granted, I just signed up, so I have about two weeks to play with things, but I find it very odd that no where on the site is there a “Here’s what you get when you are premium” page/chart. (At least, I can’t find any after searching around.)

So… what are the premium features?

Read here:

It’s under the Docs menu above. :wink:

$ 2,00 p/m ? what does p/m means?

Per Month.