Posting clickable URLs in team advertisements

If you are a real human and you are trying to post a URL in your ads, I am willing to edit your post to include the link for you - something users can click. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go ahead and post your thread, but put down a modified URL - something like or even /stats/users/117847

  2. After it’s posted, look at the URL of your thread. It’ll be something like this:

Make note of that number at the end.

  1. Post a reply to this thread. I want you to post something like this:

“I am a real human, and I am posting a URL in thread #3627

I’ll look at this thread and make the changes from there. Now, if I notice changes that I can make anyways, I’ll still do that. However, this should be a more reliable way of making that happen.

I will purge the thread of resolved requests as it gets too cluttered.

Done @ matmunn14


I’m human too and posted a link in the thread no 26196 - thanks!



I am not a real human posting a link in 5494. Link it and I will, uh… Work for you with no pay? (Seriously, I would :P)



I am totally not a robot, and I am posting a URL in thread #6616

[color=Silver]… Beep boop.[/color]

[quote=Teliko]I am totally not a robot, and I am posting a URL in thread #6616

[color=Silver]… Beep boop.[/color][/quote]


zeostongiodcov , Я извиняюсь, но, по-моему, Вы допускаете ошибку. Давайте обсудим это. Пишите мне в PM, пообщаемся.