Possible bug with RDC and 2.0.4?

Hi, might have encountered a bug which I’ll try to describe:

I’m pretty much always having a remote desktop client up and running (default one in Windows 7) on my main computer, controlling my server where I’ve got IRC chat and other things running. Anyhow, when using this main computer typing, sometimes and just sometimes 1 key seems to be counted for as much as 33 keys on the server WhatPulse client. Not sure if it’s vice versa, but I’ll try keep an eye open. It doesn’t seem to occur on mouse clicks though.

That’s pretty much any info I have right now, anyone else experienced this/is it a known thing? Tried some basic searched in this forum but didn’t find much. Both computers are using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and WhatPulse 2.0.4, not sure if it’s the same thing with the previous version since I haven’t really paid attention/noticed it before.

Not sure if you need the other hardware specs, but let me know in that case.


Little update. It does in fact look like 1 mouse click somehow counts as 33 keyboard clicks. Usually when I switch between the windows :huh:

Yeah there’s definitely something going on here. Clicks counting as multiple keys when clicking between the RDC window and the normal computer desktop. However just for the first few seconds.

Anyone experienced the same or able to test and confirm?

There is something there, indeed. It’s not even supposed to count input via remote desktop sessions. Something I missed porting from the old client.

It can give erratic behaviour, did usually so with the old mouse distance metric, but also rarely with other input.