Possible bug: High CPS

My friend has been using whatpulse for the last year or two and has always had a very high amount of mouse clicks (which I always assumed was because he was an exessive gamer :p).

However a few days ago he realised that if held down the right mouse button whatpulse wasn’t just recording one mouse click, but it continued to count them slowly until the button was released.

The mouse he is using is fairly old and he thinks that its the spring inside the mouse that is recording multiple clicks, anyhow; was wondering if this was a bug or whether he just has a dodgy mouse.

He is using Whatpulse Client: 1.5 (Upgrading to 1.6 as I type) and his profile can be found here: http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/223659/

Most probably just a dodgy mouse. I checked out 3 of my mice, one optical(one I use), one wireless, and the other one scroll ball.

All 3 worked fine, and registered as only one click when I held the button down for 10 seconds.

His mouse is just weird :smiley: Has he not noticed in games where he must hold the mouse down that it is releasing?

He says no he hasn’t. Although when he holds down the left mouse button for an extended period of time on the desktop the properties menu flashes until released. Must be just a dodge mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh defo a mouse problem then. Not enough for a ban or anything though, because its not his fault, and also holding down the mouse button for long periods of time is quite an effort anyways and can cause finger strain :frowning: