Portable WP

I’m wondering if its possible to get a portable app version of WhatPulse? I’m a college student and aren’t allowed to install apps without Administrative power.

Is this possible?

WhatPulse has a portable mode that be enabled in the settings menu.
Install WhatPulse to your USB hard drive, then tick the checkbox next to “Enable Portable Mode”.

I can’t even do that. Anything installation wise, is disabled. I was hoping to get an unpacked version of it. I’d rather not bypass any of the filters or security features here at school.

Install it on your computer (where you have admin rights), enable portable mode, copy all files to an USB and finally copy them to the school computer, where you can run it successfully.

Did that. Forgot WinPCap. facepalm

[quote=“Xandium, post:5, topic:12633”]Did that. Forgot WinPCap. facepalm

WinPcap can’t be copied to the portable installation. Without admin rights you won’t be able to install WinPcap and, therefore, Whatpulse will not measure traffic download/upload. http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=3416