Portable functionality not working without drive letter?

As I cannot install programs at work, I was using the previous version of Whatpulse at work, running directly from my phone’s memory (Android).
It will connect to my computer and show up as “HTC One X”, but it doesn’t receive a drive letter.
When I try to run WP 2.0.1a from the phone, it will give me an error saying that mingwm10.dll is missing.
My best guess is that this happens because there is no drive letter for the phone.
I had no trouble running previous versions from my phone. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Other workarounds that I have tried include copying the directory to my desktop or any other location on computer or network and running Whatpulse from there.
In these cases, WP starts fine, but it gives me timeouts when I try to log in at the “Checking for computers” screen. (This problem also did not occur with previous versions of WP that I have been running on my work computer).

Could anyone help me out with this issue? It’s costing me about 50k a day on keys alone.

Thanks in advance!

Ps. I’m running on Windows 7 using WP 2.0.1a.
I cannot use a ‘real’ portable drive since the USB ports are locked and I cannot access USB memory. (Just the phone does get accepted for some weird reason, probably because it does not need a drive letter).

You cannot run WhatPulse from the phone, MTP is only meant for transferring files.
The timeout on ‘checking for computers’ happens because Windows proxy is not detected, this will likely be fixed in 2.0.2. We are working on it.