*pokes forum*

Hi. I like to poke things. Oh, and I’m new here. c: andI’msociallyawkwardbutthatdoesn’tmatterright

I noticed some discussion about this on another forum and decided to download it because I tend to type a lot. I’ll most likely stick around, since this seems interesting and I should think that there are a lot of features that could be added to this.

So yeah. shifts around awkwardly prods around



You can tell it’s the holiday period, so it’s a bit quiet, but there’s some interesting stuff on here.

Thanks! I’ll lurk around and continue with my poking business, then. c:

pokes back

Welcome to WhatPulse.

pokes back harder

Thanks! :3

Hey there! Welcome to WhatPulse and to our happy home here :smiley:

And of course feel free to post any suggestions/comments/questions you might have! :slight_smile:

Again, welcome aboard!