Page Up and Page Down are not counted!

I use Page Up and Page Down very often - especially during browsing my photos and WhatPulse does not count them. They were counted in old version (1.7.1).

My version WhatPulse 2.0 Win 7 64bit

Same issue here.

They are counted, just not shown on the keyboard heatmap.

I’ve found that the main input window does count the keys (pgup/pgdn), however the geek window does not, at least on my system. I just tested it and it has me confused.

You’re probably confused due to the delay the geek window has with input. It updates roughly every 5 seconds, so you won’t see it change instantly.

The geek window gets it’s information the same as the main window, so they are the same.

I find neither window shows the keys.
Also I noticed that the menu key (VK_APPS) does not count, too.

Again, they are counted for the totals, you just don’t see them in the heatmap.

I’m not talking about the heatmap. It’s not shown, ok.

But they are not counted at all. Reproduced in this way:
[list][]Manual pulse, so that I have no unpulsed keys.
]I opened the geek window and the main window (tab “Overview”).
[]I pressed several times PageUp, PageDown and Menu keys.
]-> Geek window showed “Keys: 0”
[]-> Main window showed “Unpulsed: 0”
]Again I pulsed. And checked the website:
[*]-> No keys submitted!

Don’t mean to take over, but numpad keys shouldn’t be counted if NumPad is off.
And I don’t have this problem, numpad key are counted just fine (in geek window there is indeed some delay)

Have to side with theHacker here, my page up and page down keys are not being counted in any way. Everything else seems to work (although my Enter key and apostrophe do not update on the heatmap).

I have checked this and after waiting some time and closing and reopening main WhatPulse window the number of pressed keys have not changed. I work on laptop. When I press function key and press keys Pause and Break which share buttons with PageUp and PageDown they are counted but the last two keys were not. And I do not talk about heat map.

After installing version 2.0.1a PageUp and PageDown are counted.


Same here. PageUp and PageDown work :slight_smile: Thx.
Only Menu key remains uncounted.