[OSX 10.9.5][WP 2.6.3]WP wanna access my WPA Key

What happend?

Never seen this before

Hmm, weird. The only reason to open a file the client has is to check for application info when that application is being used. There’s no code to look into key dictionaries, where that key should be stored in…

One other condition I can think of is that the networking module inside OS X (pcap) needs the key for it to be able to look at network traffic, but I have never seen it do that in the time I’ve used it and I use OS X as my primary OS…

Are you sure it’s a legitimate client, has it been downloaded from our website?

Yep, almost sure. Client is installed since years, only autoupdater used. Never seen this before, but looks it is not an 10.9 problem and I’m not the only one:

MD5 (whatpulse) = 4f88f78586b4b1c1ab79b486f482170b

Hmm, interesting. On my 10.10.5, I’ve never seen this dialog. But it only connects to 802.1x wifi. Should give him a try on a wpa network :wink:

Have only seen this behavior on WPA2 networks, but did not experience it when I was using WPA2-Enterprise at university. Only at encrypted hotspots and other people’s homes, where they don’t run enterprise routers.

Same here, regarding “Always Allow”: It doesn’t remember the permission, even for the same network.

I’m having the same issue and it’s becoming very annoying.
Is there any fix to make it stop asking for the keychain access or atleast have it remember the setting?

OSX 10.11.3 and WP 2.7 here. (downloaded directly from this website)
I have the same problem, but also only on WPA and WPA2 Personal-wifi’s (my old apartment, my current one, and the hotspot of my phone.)

It’s quite annoying as it is on top of pretty much everything, and keeps popping up, regardless of which option you choose.

I’m having the same issue, so I’m just adding what information I have to see if someone can find a solution.

We have multiple networks at my house, and I was connected to one when Whatpulse asked for my keychain access for the other. on a whim I clicked “allow” and when I checked again, it had actually switched which network I was on.
Other times when the wifi router is having issues or rebooting, Whatpulse will get ornery and the keychain thing will pop up so often I can’t actually keep the wifi dropdown menu open long enough to reconnect because it keeps getting interrupted.