OS X Yosemite does not count download nor upload data


Before I updated my computer to Yosemite, the Download and Upload stats were functioning as they should. Now after the upload, they do not count any data at all. It is just a 0KB all the time.

I have had Yosemite for about a week and it is not that I haven’t rebooted the computer yet.

If it helps, I have a Macbook Pro Late-2013.

Please, does anyone know what is wrong? Should I just uninstall Whatpulse and install again?

Yes, reinstall. As mentioned in this post: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5462 - please use the search function before making a new thread. Thanks!

The reason is that Yosemite has a different startup script structure and the WhatPulse client needs to have certain permissions granted to it from startup.

To be fair, you should make the thread pinned or make an annoucement because I was about to post another thread!

The pinned post with the subject “Read here before asking support!” mentions the use the search feature. :wink: