Oh hai der

[color=#FF1493][size=medium][font=Arial]Hello, world.[/font][/size][/color]

command not found: Hello,

Hi, nice to see some of the higher rankers here on WhatPulse. Where do you find you get most of your keystrokes?

[color=#FF1493][font=Arial]League of legends[/font][/color]

Dude, even if you played LoL 24/7 you wouldn’t average 6 keys and clicks per second (over half a million clicks and keys) EVERY DAY.
I’ll admit, even I thought I looked suspicious because I would spam lots of keys on an NKRO keyboard while watching movies and anime in order to get higher ranks, and the highest speed I got was around 200K keys for an hour or so. But 15 million keys in 3 days? Wow.

With that said, hello.

Welcome aboard! :smiley: