Is it possible to get numpad into the keyboard heatmap? I think like 30% of my keyboard clicks are from there.

I think it would, the most logical thing to do is to mix the numpad and the regular number keys.

Not really, because they’re completely different things.
I’d also like to see the numpad added, because it’s pretty much always where I have the most keypresses. The reason I’m guessing why it was scrapped was because it wouldn’t fit inside the Whatpulse window without enlarging it. So the simple solution would be adding a dropdown menu to select which to show, the numpad or the normal keyboard, similar to how you can pick between Heatmap and Buttons at the mouse tab.

Another option would be a checkbox to “Show numpad”, and it enlarges the window and adds the numpad near the rest of the keys. If you toggle it off, the window shrinks back to the original size.

It wasn’t scrapped as it was never in 2.0 - but it’s coming.