Number Pad

Hey, I’m new here. I did say “hey” already in the appropriate forum; But I wanted to note that the first thing I noticed about WhatPulse was the lack of number pad recognition.

It does notice keystrokes from the number pad, but it does not record their use.

I have already written about this in the feature request forum and the WP staff answered it definitely is on their roadmap, but they need to figure out keyboard layout first.
So yes, they’re counting with it.

Is there an update on this? I use the number pad a lot and I’d like to see it in the heat map.

11 months later…

1 year 2 months 20 days 14 hours 48 minutes later…

Think that’ll speed it up? Doubt it. :slight_smile:

An update on the subject (any progress, potential problems etc) would suffice…