[NOTSUPPORTED] WP not reading Wacom tablet clicks

So, I’m a digital artist and use Wacom’s tablets to draw.

My Windows 7 computer has no problem tracking the clicks on the tablet just like a mouse when drawing but my Windows 10 computer won’t track the pen clicking. This has happened with both my Intuos Small and Cintiq tablets.

I’ve seen some people before mention pen mode vs mouse mode in another thread but I can’t find such a feature on my Windows 10 computer. I can’t find any kind of other solution.

Both computers are running WP 2.6.3-1341 but it’s been happening for quite some versions now and they’re both using the latest Cintiq drivers from Wacom.

One computer is Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and the other is running Windows 10 Home x64. WinPcap installed and works fine and logged in as admin on both computers. No error messages in the software and it’s an overall issue with tracking the tablet clicks.

It isn’t tracking the clicks on the surface pro either, when using the Wacom pen or the touchscreen. This Is, sadly, my issue too.