No update on network stats - assistance please

Hello, I have recently downloaded, installed and registred WhatPulse account. I noticed everything went smoothly, however it seems I cannot get an update on my netowrk activity statistics. Overview and Network features are fine, but under Account information in my software total download and uploade remains with status “unknown”. Alco, the same issue occurs on my website statistics. Keyboard and mouse pulses are registered, but those considered network show zero.

Could anyone help? I was trying under options, but I cannot manage to get this thing working. Would be grateful for any help & assist.


Windows: Was WinPcap installed during your whatpulse installation? Its required to collect network stats.

And this is it. Of course, I skiped that part. Thank you, sir!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I got the same problem - after a complete new installation of Windows 8.1 - but in my point i cound install WhatPulse, but the Installer doesen’t even ask to install WinPcap - it just installs WhatPulse and launches it.

Maybe u have an idea on this too :wink:


Try downloading and installing Winpcap from here.