No Download counting on high speeds


I just found out if I download with full speed (1Gbit) Whatpulse stops counting the download…

I am using the newest Version.

Does someone has the same issue?

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I just found out if I download with full speed (1Gbit) Whatpulse stops counting the download…

I am using the newest Version.

Does someone has the same issue?
[/quote]Yeah, same issue. Doesn’t count speeds above like 300 Mbit/s or so.

My Download/Upload doesn’t count on any speed:( First it was week ago. i serched that it could be problem with WinPcap, I changed to Npcap and it started counting till today.
Any guess how to fix it?

Same or similar issue here. Once you pass a certain speed it just stops counting, even if it slows down later on.
Only way to get it back on track seems to be a reboot.

I first noticed it yesterday, not sure how long it’s been going on. Been having an unusual high number of crashes the past weeks/months as well.

(Running Win 10 Pro 64-bit, WhatPulse 2.8.4)


I just noticed this thread
Will try switching to Npcap as mentioned above.


I shut down WhatPulse, installed Npcap/uninstalled WinPcap and rebooted.
So far so good, it’s working again! But haven’t hit any good speeds yet, so we’ll see :smiley:


Nah, breaks again after a while :frowning:

Fun fact that inside the client all the uploads and downloads are appears and counting but neither on geek Toggle nor on pulses - doesn’t

The network interfaces seems to be independent on WinPcap as even on the portable version at work with no WinPcap installed it sees traffic, but it does not count any upload/download for that computer in the pulses. Interestingly the Owerview shows the numbers counted, just has 0 at unpulsed.

It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Pulsed traffic last week: 426.41GB Download 244.93GB Upload

In reality? Downloaded 4.89 TB and uploaded 900GB.

I’d get premium if the shit actually worked.

I eventually had to uninstall Npcap altogether, pretty sure it caused some weird network driver crash when reaching high speeds (NDIS.sys / event id 10400) which has yet to occur again after uninstalling it.
I’ve tried Googling a solution, but none has worked so far :frowning:


I was in the wrong, the NDIS event id 10400 still occurs, but far far less.

I wonder where the devs are.
This has been mentioned several times and never a reply.

I’ve updated Windows 10 to build 2004 and Npcap tp 0.9997. It seems to work rather well for me now, but I haven’t had a good opportunity to test speeds so can’t be sure!

TehMoff, what do you mean by setting Npcap tp 0.9997 I’m also not getting any high bandwidth speeds counted.

Npcap is replacing WinPcap which has been bundled with WhatPulse for a long time, you can download it here -
1.0 is the currently most recent version, though I haven’t tried it yet.

So, I downloaded Npcap too. Latest Version, but it doesn’t made a difference to WinPcap for me… NPCap isn’t the solution then sadly.

I’m gonna have to bump this, my problem is back after updating to WhatPulse 3.1.

I tried to update Npcap to 1.10 (latest as of right now), no difference :confused:

Running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Build 19042.746 (20H2).

Anyone know a solution?

I noticed every time I start WhatPulse I get an error in event viewer applications, see attached image, in case it helps/have something to do with this issue.

In WhatPulse settings/general settings. If you deactivate Network, press save, then activate Network, press save, the unpulsed data increases a teeny tiny bit - then stops counting again :confused:

Done some observation and I think when you break the 100MB/s upload barrier (maybe download too, haven’t reached it) the counting breaks/stops until you go below 100 again.

Sorry for the late bump, but I kinda still have the issue. In case anyone is looking into it I’d like to add a little more info:

Running Whatpulse 3.6 & Npcap 1.6 on Windows 10 nowdays, also upgraded to Gbit connection so the problem is occuring more often.
On the bright side, I don’t have to restart WhatPulse for it to start keeping track again. It just doesn’t seem to count at all when speeds reach too high. Not exactly sure where the breakpoint is, and download seems to be more affected/sensitive than upload.

I had the same with Windows and the old Linux client since day one. In the current linux client no traffic is measured at all, sadly my main OS - I used to be quite high up for traffic. :wink:

With limiting the speed in Filezilla for example I noticed the point where it stops counting to be somewhere above 20MByte/s. But it was different between OS and also computers. And for outgoing vs. incoming traffic. Also if you are using (emulated) large packages (TCP offloading) or not could change it a bit.
I guess NPcap or pcap reaches a certain point where it cannot process the data fast enough in a CPU thread and then just pipes it through in order to not freeze it - that would explain why it’s not a fixed speed.
I guess pcap is also just needed to filter what traffic to count and what not, so that only internet traffic counts. Dropping that would mean one could just read the counters from the network devices. A lot less CPU and RAM involved. I recently upgraded to 10GBit at home - internally I’d have about 5-10TB per month :smiley: