Network traffic counted, but not marked for pulse

I noticed my client recorded that I downloaded 5.3TB of data and uploaded 1TB of data in total. However, it was not marked as unpulsed, and never got uploaded to the profile. I don’t know if this is similar to the other users where “whatpulse stops counting at speeds above 300mpbs.”

Is there any way to retroactively fix this as well if possible? If not that’s fine, but it’s strange that client does record the activity, but acts as though as it has been pulsed though it never has.

I’m currently running the latest stable version of Windows 11 Pro at the time of posting this.

Recent pulses and missing recorded data

Correct, WhatPulse does not track network activity that exceeds a certain threshold to make pulsing more competitive. I’m not entirely sure where the threshold is, but running a Steam download at about 50 MB/s seems to still record traffic for pulsing. If I download files at work at about 150 MB/s, the activity shows up but doesn’t get pulsed to my profile.

You can read more about this here: Know Your Network Traffic Stats | WhatPulse Help Center

That’s ironically not very competitive then. One can just max out the speeds 24/7 if they just wanted some dumb arbitrary rank. I just wanted accurate stats for my own personal usage so I can keep track of how I use my systems.

Unfortunately, the threshold @Paws1 was talking about is incorrect. There’s an issue where the client could stop measuring when there’s too much traffic for it to handle. That’s the one which you mentioned in your first post ( Internet upper speed limit for traffic counting - #2 by smitmartijn )

The solution for that will also bring a new metric called local traffic to the website, instead of having that only in the client. The internet traffic will remain the one that’s used for rankings.

Hi smitmartijn, do you have any clue to when that new solution might come or in which version of WhatPulse?


The next version, I’m working on it now.

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