Network statistics


During installation of WhatPulse, I didn’t install the required software for network statistics, but now I would like to use network statistics as well.

But, interesting fact is that WhatPulse is counting my network bandwith, but it isn’t being added to total UP and DOWN nor being pulsed, look at the screenshoots:

It’s displayed inside client but not in “unpulsed” section. Now I pulsed manually but as You can see on my profile, it still says 0 MB :

Where is the problem? How come that it’s counting my traffic? Is it maybe because I’m using DU Meter?

The winpcap library needs to be installed on the maching you’re running WhatPulse on. You can get it from here:

Thank you for your response. But how come that WhatPulse was meassuring my network usage even before I installed WinpCAP? It was meassuring fine and correctly (I compared it to DU Meter results, there were only minor deviations). The only problem was that this results weren’t being pulsed to webiste. Whith WinpCAP it pulses it but it meassuers my network with or without WinpCAP.

DU meter also works without WinpCAP (probably has it’s own snuffing software)?

EDIT: after installing WinpCAP it counts double of real value.

WinPCap allows the site to store your uploaded Network Statistics, I think. Otherwise, your stats on the site would remain at 0 MB for both Upload and Download.

The client reverts to the same method DU meter works when there’s no pcap. That method cannot tell the difference between internet traffic and local traffic and we only use internet traffic on the website, which is why the client does not count when there’s no pcap.