Network graph going berzerk, download not getting registered

Hi WhatPulse forum!

In the last couple of days I’ve noticed this weird thing with the WhatPulse client. It seems to make some weird bursts of download speed that are extremely high and much, much more than I can actually download. I saw something similar in this post:

Not only is it weird it’s also really annoying because this somehow ends with my download traffick not getting registered (and I’m in the top 600 when it comes to download so I actually care about it, I know it’s sad…) I made a post a bit similar to this about a week ago about my download not being correctly registered but it got deleted within hours, don’t ask me why.

Today is my 17th birthday and I got Battlefield 4 from my brother and since my first two classes were canceled I immediately started downloading it. After downloading about 95% of it I opened WhatPulse (I really like stats) and saw these weird spikes/bursts in the ‘Network’ tab. I could see on the ‘Network’ tab that the ~20GB had been registered, but not when I went to the ‘Overview’ tab it had only registered 1.04GB at that time. I was first AFTER I had opened WhatPulse that it actually started registering my download traffick as you can see in th Imgur album below.

Here is an Imgur album that explains it with images:

I really hope you can help because I’ve lost about 40GB (that’s what I know of) in my total download on the website because of this bug, and that’s a couple of ranks up.


The is the same issue as in - has been fixed, 2.3.1 will arrive soon.

Great! :slight_smile: