Mouse without Borders

Hi. Im using "Mouse without Borders" app, for my two pcs. Software is for one keyboard and one mouse for two or more computers. My problem - Whatpulse counts everything on my host pc (pc who have keyboard and mouse connected). For example PC1 = 50 keys, PC2 = 50 keys, but WhatPulse counts PC1 = 100 keys, PC2= 0 Keys. Is it possible to solve?

No, whatpulse has more recently been made to ignore keys which are emulated by any software. I suppose you’re lucky that it even counts the keys which are meant for the other computer, because if those keys were hidden from the system it wouldn’t have.

This has been changed in order to combat cheaters, because in older versions it would’ve shown up as: PC1 = 100 keys, PC2 = 50 keys when only 100 keys were actually pressed.

This is correct.