Mouse mileage not counted anymore?

Howdy! :slight_smile:

I just upgraded to the new version, and saw some new exciting things and a more updated design! But… what happened to the mouse distance counter? Am I going blind or is it gone? Is it a premium service only? I would be sad if they decided to get rid of it, as I found it super fun to monitor.

So, where did it go?

Oh, and just to show my old mileage, before I updated.


It was removed, whatpulse no longer counts mouse mileage. I think the reasoning behind it was that it was too inaccurate, or something along those lines.

I’m leaning toward it no longer being needed because of all these stupid tablets coming out.
Although the inaccurate counting theory does sound like a good reason.

That was one of the reasons I’ve started using whatpulse in the first place…

I’m off look for the alternative. Good bye whatpulse, you were ok until v2.

Unfortunately or luckily there’s no good alternative.