More to the weekly updates!

I see you’re now doing weekly updates.
I wonder if I could see stats about the team I’m in at the moment?
Such as team’s position change, my own position in the team etc.

The weekly updates will become more elaborate as we move on, but not everything will be in there from the start. :wink:

It is great at the moment, and I would hate for it to become too cluttered, so I hope as more features are added to the weekly emails, we will have the ability to chose which sections appear within it, ie Personal Stats, People you Follow, your team, People you are competing with etc. :slight_smile:

It’s one of my favourite emails I receive on a friday afternoon.

It shouldn’t be too hard to format your personal email similarly like you can do on your profile?
That would be most optimal imho.

It’s pretty cool to see people already defending the current format, which means it’s being liked. :wink:

We can keep discussing back and forth, but I think both the client and the website have a record for not being too cluttered, despite the immense amount of data as it is.

I do not.
I don’t see the problem here, as people who like the current one can keep the default view. But people like me, who want more, could then get more on their own expense.

There’s absolutely no problem and the weekly updates will become larger and customisable, all we’re saying that it’s going to take time…