Modifier keys not registered (shift, alt, ctrl, enter)

I am having problem with certain keystrokes not being registered on my keyboard heat map. Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and Enter are not registered - but all other keystrokes are. The modifier keys do count as keystrokes, they just do not appear on the heatmap. After searching through this forum many times, I seem to have found other users with the similar issues, but no apparent solution.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64
Version: WhatPulse 2.7.1 x64, newly installed as per the help center.
Keyboard layout: Standard US format

Errors: None
Higher-privilege programs: None

Screenshot: Attached
app.log: Attached

I am having the same problem on three different computers running Ubuntu 16.04: two self-assembled stationaries and one Lenovo laptop (Y410P) with no specific hardware in common. I have tried both the Ubuntu and Debian versions. I have also restarted my computers several times. I have attached a screenshots for confirmation.

An easy-to-implement solution would be a feature to re-configure your individual keymap. E.g. I click “reconfigure Right Shift”, then press the Right Shift key on my keyboard and WhatPulse will remember which key corresponds to Right Shift.


It’s usually the other way around (yes to modifiers, no to other keys) and that’s on OS X. I haven’t seen Linux users with this issue before. There’s probably a piece of software that you have in common between your computers? Curious to see if you have some type of keyboard manager in place.

You cannot teach the client what keys are what keys, as it’s universally the same on each system.

Hi, thanks for the response!

One of the computers is a vanilla installation of Ubuntu 16.04 with only the default applications and WhatPulse installed. I installed it there simply to test if the issue. If there is some software interfering with the keymap registration, it comes with Ubuntu.

I see. Would it be difficult to implement such a feature into the client? It seems to be the only way to ensure that everyone can register all their keys with such a variety of keyboards layouts and operating systems floating around.

Here’s someone who seemed to be having the same issue (there might be more):


I’m having the same issue, on ubuntu 18.04

I am having the same issue on ubuntu 20.04

We can’t support the old Linux client anymore. We’ll have a snapcraft bundled version of 3.0, soon.