Merge do not actually merge.

If you merge two computers on the website, the overall keystrokes/clicks/uptimes are merged correctly. However, keystrokes/clicks by applications do not merge. They just took the larger value and be done with it.

For example, if you merge computer a and b to, either a or b or something else;
overall keystrokes/clicks/uptime
computer a: 500 / 500 / 1h
computer b: 1000 / 1000 / 2h

You get this, which is what you would expect from merge.
merged computer: 1500 / 1500 / 3h

However, if those two computer have the following statistics by application;
Application A: keystrokes/clicks/uptime
computer a: 5000 / 5000 / 1h
computer b: 1000 / 1000 / 30m

Application B: keystrokes/clicks/uptime
computer a: 10 / 10 / 10h
computer b: 10000 / 10000 / 100h

you get this;
App A for merged: 5000 / 5000 / 1h (not 6000 / 6000 / 2h)
App B for merged: 10000 / 10000 / 100h (not 10010 / 10010 / 110h)

I’m not sure which one takes the priority (key vs click vs uptime), but among the samples I’ve tested, no app stat was merged.

I’m not sure what exactly triggers this bug, but I suspect it’s related to the merge.

If you merge several computers, it’ll break your stats by applications on the website, almost completely. If you use any app which already has internal app id on existing clients, keystrokes/clicks/uptimes stats for that app will be updated. And that’s pretty much the only app stats that works after the merge. Everything else doesn’t work.

a) If any application is launched for the first time after the merge, on the computer which runs existing client, the app won’t appear on the app stats on the website (it works fine on the client)
b) You can add new computers after the merge, but the new computer won’t have any app stats. Because every apps on that computer would fit the bill of ‘launched for the first time after merge’.

I think the merge somehow wreck the internal app id issuance protocol, so no new apps can’t get internal app id, thus not reported on the website. Every clients are affected, including Windows and mac (Linux is excluded since it doesn’t report app stats on the website in the first place).

And I found no way to fix this bug. Everything listed below are not effective.

  • Windows: uninstall (+ manually deleting folder on %LOCALAPPDATA%, %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%) → reboot → clear browser cache → install
  • macOS: delete from Applications (+ also deletes /Library/StartupItems/ChmodBPF and ~/Library/Application Support/WhatPulse) → reboot → clear browser cache → install
  • waiting a few days
  • pulse repeatedly
  • account → reset token
  • account → refresh account
  • settings → advanced → re-upload applications (this only breaks things even further, so now even the existing apps don’t get reported, since they lose the existing internal app id)
  • add completely new computers (which has never run whatpulse before) and start pulsing

The only effective way to resolve this issue is, dumping the corrupted account altogether and start fresh.