make computer overview list sortable

The personal list of computers ist sorted by the date/time of addition. I think it is not too much work, if you guys can make them sortable.

This should work by simply clicking the coloumnheading in the computer overview table. Default should be ascending order, by another click on the heading it pesents the data decending.

(sorry for my english :wink: it’s not my native language)


Leaving thread open to permit others to comment based on this idea, before I post it up the chain to the website crew.


well, as my number of computers will increase in the near future, a sortable list would be very usefull.
i am looking forward for this feature

I don’t really see the point in sorting your computers. Unless you had an excess of ten, why bother? If you do, that brings up the question of why you’d have so many.

I am counting 8 Computers on my Account right now … 3 PCs, different OSs. And why so many? So the answer to your question is that in certain occupational groups there will be more than one computer per person. And why not giving them a little more comfort? And even in private environments: my own two computer, my sisters, my parents, …

To view this idea a bit more technically: if it is a modern database behind this website, i am really sure that the query-language can handle something like “order by”. And the attribut to order the data is given in the Link (column heading).

But hey, it was just an idea :slight_smile: if you think this feature is not needed then i can life with that!

It’s a small feature, why not?

There will be plenty more ways to order your stats in the future. It’s not a matter of if, but when. People have been asking for it ever since the new website. Hopefully it will include everything, including the overviews.

And if wasted goes against what I just typed, I’ll stage a coup and do it myself. :smiley:

I lol’d. But really, sounds good.