Main question.

Hi. I’ve been using WP for a while (found it thanks to vsauce) and I must say that I really like the new version, really useful.

But I have a question: What is pulsing, actually? I mean what’s the point of it? On main page you can pulse, you have the option to pulse automatically every 1000 keystrokes or so… But what does that help you with?

Pulsing updates the stats on the web, so you can keep track of all your machines. The web interface does not keep a live up-to-date record of keys and clicks, only what you have pulsed.

The website/project uses it to see the trends of different countries and how people type all around the world.
For you, it’s personal statistic tracking, so you can keep track of your own progress and see how you perform if you are a heavy computer user and your profession or time involves having to type a lot on the keyboard.

Thanks a lot ^^

So glad I found this question buried 3 pages into the search results for “pulse”. I didn’t really understand either. A mod might consider creating a sticky post named “What is pulsing?”

Also, thanks for the answer, Sako-chan. However, I don’t see the option to pulse automatically. Am I just missing it or was it removed?

We have the Help Center for those types of things. Check this: - also tells you about the auto pulsing…

The Help Center doesn’t explicitly mention that pulsing is how you get ranked, show your stats to the world, and contribute statistics to your team and country. It’s how you stay in the race, basically!

It also doesn’t mention that you click an arrow or press an arrow key to get to a different “sub-tab” under settings. :wink: