Logged onto wrong account

I had been using whatpulse for about a month now and the update came, I updated and logged in with my same info and I suddenly had a new account, and no saved data from my old account? No options were up when I tried to retrieve computers either until I manually updated again.
I know my two accounts (names etc and info) any way I can get my stats transferred over or get back on my old account? Not sure what happened.

Any help is great, thanks!

Perhaps you’ve created 2 accounts with the same email address, and it’s giving you the older one: http://whatpulse.org/Andrew_S90 - Maybe if you change the email address for this account, then when you log out of the WhatPulse software and log in using your normal email address, you’ll get the other account.

I just tried it, good idea too! But it just says that I haven’t registered with the email used… :
So not sure how I get to my old account still

What’s the other username? Does it have a profile page? You can use the Forgot Email link and see if that helps.

The other account was named Dr_Andrew because this name (Andrew_S90) Was already taken for some reason, but then when I went to log in a few days ago it said that this was my account, no way to access other account… Both accounts were created within a few minutes of eachother on the same day, registered to the same email? I am not sure… tried the forgot email but it didn’t work, not sure if there is a way to change it without access to my account or what :\ gonna keep trying

Dr_Andrew is registered to an address beginning with: dustrune - the other account has a total different email address, not even close to the Dr_Andrew one.

The other one has an entirely different email address, it is not possible to register more than one account with the same email address.

Thanks so much! Completely forgot about that one!
When I tried to take this name it said it was already taken… used a random email which was that one… my mistake and thanks so much

Switched the accounts around so I know what emails are set to which…
Sorry for the confusion!
Please delete/lock this if you can