[Linux] Inaccurate download numbers

If I download a 60MB file (such as this one), WhatPulse will only count about about 6MB. Additionally, Firefox/wget will report downloading at 5.4MB/s while Whatpulse thinks it’s only 600kB/s. Uploading doesn’t seem to suffer this problem; I can rsync the file to my server at 10MB/s and Whatpulse will count it properly. But then when I pull it down again with rsync at 4MB/s, Whatpulse will only count about 300kB/s (and upload/download totals will be similarly skewed).

I don’t know if this issue happens only on my laptop or not. I’ll try it on my desktop too.

Doesn’t seem to happen on my desktop with the same version of Whatpulse. Hmm.

Using WhatPulse on servers are not supported and against our ToS. Can’t help you with that one.

You misunderstand. I’m using it on my laptop (this one, in fact). I was testing the issue by downloading/uploading files to/from my server. WhatPulse is on the laptop, not on the server.

“Other server” was a typo, so I’ll fix that.

[quote=“Frogging101, post:4, topic:14860”]
“Other server” was a typo, so I’ll fix that.[/quote]

Ah, that makes sense. This server, is this located on the internet or on your local network?

Some references:

[quote=“smitmartijn, post:5, topic:14860”]

This test was being done over the Internet. If it were a local network issue I’d think that none of that data would be counted, rather than some of it being counted.

Happens for me as well on Arch Linux with WP 2.7 and Intel 8260 WiFi: No matter what files I download (all from the internet), be it packages from the Arch repository or some file on the web. For Example, I’ve just downloaded ~600MB of packages, and the download counter in the WhatPulse-Application increased by only ~90MB. My connection speed is ~9-10 MB/s, libpcap is installed. Any ideas?

No ideas anyone? It’s quite annoying…