Large number of backups

I. I have a quick question. Is there any way to delete backups of the database?
It’s causing a very large number of writes on my solid state drive… Which is bad.

Having 15 backups a day of a 200mb file is a lot of data being written every day. (it’s more than 15 backups in a day, but bare with me =p)

Where do you check this? I also have a SSD and this would be very bad for me too.

In there is a file, app.txt.
I wonder if setting the file to read only would do something.

EDIT: Setting the whatpulse.db.backup file to read only. not the .txt file.

Funny, nearly every single one of mine says

07-07-2014 18:13:38.570 DEBUG Query string: “INSERT OR IGNORE INTO applications (“path”, “name”, “icon”, “version”) VALUES(?, ?, ‘’, ‘’)”

And it happens a lot of times every second for as long as my computer is on I think. Not sure what it all means. Maybe it has something to do with Whatpulse using up 360MB of RAM which I’ve been complaining about.

At that rate (~200MB/10mins) your SSD only has about hmm…

Let’s assume a life of ~300TB Writes for a fairly “old” TLC NAND 250GB SSD (Worst case?).

300 000/28.8 ~= 10 416 Days → Roughly 28.5 Years.

Oh well. :slight_smile:

However, what if those 28.8GB are being written to the same spot on the drive each time? Those particular bits will be worn out faster and fail sooner.

Have you considered running WhatPulse inside of a RAM Disk? I run my web browser in one, to prevent cache reads/writes from lowering the life expectancy of my drive.

Nope. Wear leveling is supported (and active by default) on pretty much every SSD except in the early units (Back when they costed an arm and a leg). That’s why they died so quickly.

Wear leveling makes sure the wear on the SSD is leveled between every memory “cell” even if it has to move files from cell to cell and it does that without you even noticing it making the 300TB estimate pretty much bang on even if you’re overwriting the same file over and over again, and even if the disk if full it will level out the wear for you (keep in mind most SSD can get up to 600 TB). :wink:

(I’ve found RamDisks to be too unreliable, had a few corruptions a while ago, I cannot trust RamDisks for important data unless you have ECC RAM or feel like doing backups every hour(Backups beats the purpose of saving writes tho). Shure you can put WhatPulse in a RamDisk but i find it too much hassle to save some writes on an ssd which is not a big deal anyway (It was a big deal for the early units with weak cells and no wear leveling). Plus it can make your computer slower because it uses your ram, and unless you have 6 GB or over you might feel an impact)

A modern, recent SSD is more reliable than an HDD.

Beside the fact that Rentium is very right and that it will not have a real noticeable effect on SSDs, the next version will start pruning data from the database.

2.4.1 will turn a 200MB database file into a 20MB database file (unless you tell it not to prune).